Instagram Content ID?

Whats happen if we load up our, registrert on imusician, music on instagram? Is it possible to earn money? I need a step by step discription about this prozess. perhaps eaqual to TICK TOCK too.
Thanks to every one.

Hello! Welcome here.

I’m not sure to understand your question. On Instagram, your tracks are available if you had that option when distributing your tracks through iMusician. If so, it is done automatically (takes some time though) and when it’s done, you can find your tracks when you want to add music on a story or a reel. Is that what you’re talking about?

For Tik Tok the process is the same as far as I know.



For more information regarding distribution on Instagram and TikTok, please read this article : How To Release My Music On Social Media? | iMusician :slight_smile: