Instagram / TikTok background music identification

My question is:
Instagram / TikTok have a system to recognize the background music of a video (like Youtube does)?

If yes, there is any way to check if the identification worked properly?

Hello @dgtldtrt

Thanks for your message.

I don’t think Instagram and TikTok have a system like YouTube that automatically detects background music and tells you what song it is. In any case, I’ve never read anything about it.

I would mention @Carlos from the Team. Maybe he has more information.



Hey @dgtldtrt,

No, not that I know of.



Ok so I imagine the only way to monetize a song in Instagram / TikTok is choosing that song from their libraries as background for an image / video, am I correct?

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When it comes to monetization, you can also publish your releases on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Then users can use this song in their story, their post, their Reels. Then you get views on this song + make income.