Instant Mastering track missing

I paid 49,95 euros for 5 tracks mastering yesterday. And only 4 tracks appeared.
Tracks are : Sometime Ago, Moment’s Notice, Donna Lee, I Got Rhythm
The one missing is Milestones (New)
Can you help me? and fix it thanks

I also would like to download all the tracks I paid. I don’t see where it is.

The tracks should be visible in the tracks library.

@minizool yes I know but it’s not so weird. Maybe a Imusician’ admin will answer and fix the problem because I think I’m not the only one with these problems and I’ve my all catalogue on Imusician so…. :smile:

Hey @martinjoeydine

I see the same thing as you - 4x tracks mastered but 5x paid for.

For now I have just topped you up with some promo credit so that you can (hopefully) go through and get the track Mastered. I hope that this works, if not let me know.

Also - “Sometime Ago” is nicely accompanying my coffee this morning :coffee: :musical_keyboard:

Thanks @SimonG :blush::coffee: have a great day!

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