Instant Mastering


I paid for instant mastering of 9 tracks yesterday and only 3 songs appear in the library mastered. Could you check it please?


Hi @alber_alaiz i :raising_hand_man:

Thank you for your message. Someone from iMusician Team will contact you shortly to solve your problem.

Please be patient. There is no work on public holidays. That’s why you can’t expect a response today.

@Maurizio can you help here? Thanks! :v:

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Hello @alber_alaiz,
could you please write the title of the 6 missing tracks?

Hello Maurizio,

Cencellada, Renacer, Latidos, Paraísos Olvidados, Entresijos Parte II and Amalgama,


Hello @alber_alaiz, all done now :muscle:

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Thanks for your support!!! Have a nice week