🚀 Introducing iMusician Amps: Elevate Your Music Game with AMPLIFY+!

Hey there, amazing musicians and creators! :microphone: We’re thrilled to introduce a game-changer exclusively for our AMPLIFY+ members - say hello to iMusician’s Amps! :zap:

What Are Amps?
Amps are like musical tokens of appreciation that you receive EVERY month - that’s a whopping 100 of 'em! :gift: And the best part? They come at no extra cost, just for being part of our musical family.

Cover Distribution Costs:
Got music to share with the world? Use your Amps to cover those distribution expenses and get your tunes out there for the world to hear. :earth_africa:

Enhance Your Tracks with Instant Mastering:
Take your music to the next level! With Amps, you can enhance your tracks through Instant Mastering without breaking the bank. :rocket:

How to Get Amps?
No need to lift a finger! Amps are automatically collected when you’re subscribed to AMPLIFY+. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for being part of your musical journey. :tada:

:fire: Additional Offer for AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+ Subscribers :fire:
If you have an AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ subscription, you can exclusively get Amps packages for a limited time. This means you can save 25%! Stock up now because at the end of the promotion, Amps rewards will only be available monthly.

Check our dedicated FAQ article to get more details.



This Amps are :fire:



amaziiiing :smiley:


Amazing token system. Next level! :rocket:

Thanks to the entire team for this idea and implementation! :metal: :clap: :sunglasses: