Introducing myself and Putzi Records

Hi there, this is Kurt from Putzi Productions (management) and Putzi Records (label). We are an artist agency “between Beirut and Bern” and we currently represent 3 artists with a strong tie to Lebanon: Frida (Arab Soul from Beirut), Almwaya (progressive world music) and Sandmoon (indie pop/rock).

Frida will perform in Paris France on October 9, a first! Check out one of her videos (Frida | Dawararan - فريدا | دورران (official video) - YouTube) and come see her concert at La Bellevilloise.


hi Kurt, hi @putzirecords , the video is really amazing! It would be nice if you would post some more links to the music of the artists you represent, I would like a lot to listen to it.

Wow, the video is absolutely incredible! and the sound so nice!

As for… between Beirut and Bern… what’s the Swiss connection (and I assume it isn’t just because we have an office in Zurich right :laughing: )

Thank you Andi. I also listened to your track and liked it a lot. Congrats.

I will update “my bio” with more music and videos of our artists. However, here are two videos “just for you”:
Sandmoon - Wake Up: sandmoon - Wake Up (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Almwaya - Purple Cloud: Almwaya - Purple Cloud (Live in Athens) - YouTube

Cheers, Kurt

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Hi Simon, thank you very much for your feedback.

The Swiss connection is that I am from Switzerland and my wife from Lebanon (Beirut) and as Putzi Records and Putzi Productions we try to take care of Lebanese artists, support them and accompany them.

Are you based in Zurich by any chance? Frida will perform in Rote Fabrik on Thursday September 29 and it will be amazing (I know, because I know her, and it was an amazing concert just three days ago in Bern). Here’s a link: Programm - Rote Fabrik

cheers, Kurt

hi Kurt, these are amazig videos too!!! thanks a lot :blush:

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I wish I was based in Zurich, but I am in the Berlin office (not so many mountains, but we do have lakes).

I’ll let the team know about the performance on Thursday and see if anyone can make it. But also thanks for the links to all the videos and the documentary, interesting to watch and I am excitedly watching what you guys release!

Hi Simon. Thank you for your feedback. A) very cool if you tell people in Zurich to come to Frida’s concert in Rote Fabrik on Thursday Sep 29. Bern was amazing and so will be Zurich. Please tell these people to come see me at the merch stand and with the keyword “iMusician” they will get some special Frida merch for free. :slight_smile:

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and B) the next release will be in about 4 weeks. We are looking forward too. We need to finish the artwork and then I will upload the tracks to the iMusician platform. A little headache will be the song titles that are in mixed Arabic and Latin alphabet. And Apple Music only accepts one language/alphabet per title… I will work with the iMusician people i(n Zurich, I guess) to get this right and smoothly done.

Hey @putzirecords - teams for that are in both Zurich and Berlin, and yeah, Apple Music can be a real headache with what they do and do not accept… compared to every other shop at least.

I hope it all works for you! You can even throw the question on “Ask a Question” on the community and someone will get back to you.

Hey @putzirecords we will be there tonight! Seeee you at the merch stand :slight_smile:


Hi Sandra. Thank you for coming / danke fürs Kommen gestern. :heart: Hat iMusician auch ein Paris-Office? Am 9. Oktober spielt Frida in La Bellevilloise…

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No Paris office for us at this time but if you’re in Berlin Zurich again, let us know!

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Hey Kurt!
It was a great show, we really enjoyed it!
Greetings to Frieda :slight_smile: Hope to see her in Berlin one day.