Introduction: fiach

Hi! I’m Max (artist name “fiach”) from Hamburg, Germany.

I write songs with focus on lyrics first, in various genres, sometimes in german, sometimes in english (or both). It’s all produced in my little home “studio” and I’m always eager to learn :slight_smile:

Yesterday I released a first single via iMusician. It’s kind of a demo since I wanted to try out a few things and look how music distribution works. Maybe at some point in time a new, better version of this song will be released :slight_smile: but maybe there is a chance you’ll like it this way as well :wink:



Hi,I like the style of your music! I think mixing the voice could be better :wink:


I agree with … I can’t really differentiate the lyrics too well (even on a decent set of headphones).

If this was the sound you were going for then awesome, otherwise - it could be a bit more crisp with the lyrics - we have Online Mastering available through the app as well to help ya;ll out.

With all that said - HELLO MAX! and welcome to the community! I like this down-tempo feel you got going on here - will definitely hit follow on Spotify!

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Congrats on your first release! :boom: