Invalid Email Adress when creating an account

A friend of mine created his account using an invalid email adress by mistyping his email adress. He paid for his account but didn’t receive any confirmation because the written mail adress was wrong.

How is it possible to correct that if we don’t know what mistake he wrote?

We need support from someone to fix this problem and there is no chance to reach the company with a support line.

Please contact us: [DELETED BY MODERATOR] so we can solve this issue over the phone.

I recommended this plattform to my friend but will not continue to recommend if something like this is possible.

Kind regards

Deean Andreas Utzinger

The account regarding would be: Joseph Bouhenguel
His Email would be: [DELETED BY MODERATOR]

but as mentioned he typed it wrong and we don’t know how.

The amount (103.90 CHF) was paid on the 2nd of may (2.5.2023)

Hi @Deean

Thanks for your message.

Please do not share personal information such as email addresses in the community.

Someone from the iMusician Team will contact you via DM for any specific information they need to solve your issue, but please do not share your information here! Thanks!

@Fabiola @Cynthia could you please take a closer look at the following issue. :clap:

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@Deean I have contacted you via DM :slight_smile:

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