Invoice error

When I paid for release of a new song 10 days ago I paid 20 dollars for fast delivery of track plus discount of YouTube content id (which is a 19 dollar discount!).

But now it is showing that I paid 20 dollars for the content ID only.

I am sure there is a system error. Anyone encountered something like that??

How can I fix it? I lost money that way.

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Hello @JoseWy

The iMusician support is closed the week-end. I tag somebody who will help you @Carlos

Have a good week-end :musical_score:

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@JoseWy - your 2nd CID order was placed 3 months after the 1st one, therefore it is not a “system error” since the dates are way too far apart and the two invoices have no correlation whatsoever.

I have contacted you via DM for more details.