IRSC code error in a released song

Trying to make a new release, I discovered that its IRSC code was mistakenly given in the information of an already released song (the last 2 numbers of the code were wrongly encoded).
When I now type the code of the new release, it tells me that it has already been used previously - even though it was not (there was just a mistake in the typing of the previous release).
How can I release the new song ?

Hi @AnneJ :raising_hand_man:

Thank you for your message. Someone from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request. Please be patient :v:

@Maurizio @Carlos can you help here? Thanks!

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Hi, You are responding to the wrong person. I am not Hum, but rather Anne J.
I did have a question regarding a wrong ISRC code and haven’t heard back yet. Thank you for your help.

Hi @AnneJ I moved your post since you posted it in someone else’s post. I think it was a mistake.

Hello @AnneJ,

Sorry but I’m not sure whether I understood everything. It seems that you’re having an issue assigning an ISRC code to a track because the same code is already assigned to a released track ?

Unfortunately if you mistakenly assigned the wrong ISRC to a track (our system cannot encode anything on your behalf) and then it gets delivered/released, there is unfortunately no way for you to re-assing this same code to another track. To fix this, you will have to takedown the track first and then you will be able to assigne the correct ISRCs to the correct tracks.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: