Is it possible to transfer my amplify I subscribed to my release?

Good morning please I have already paid for an amplify which was still design for this particular release but I got a mixed up by subscribing first on amplify before I sent my payment for my release,I will like to use the amplify for this particular release instead .All I’m asking is if it can be use for this release already paid for (DELETED BY ADMIN) is my mistaken amplify subscription invoice which I will like to use in my new release demand

dear @Tracyyokebed your Amplify+ is not related to particular subscriptions, from the moment you have an Amplify+ subsription it applies to all releases, as it is related to your account not to the single release.
Maybe you can explain what exactly you would like to do? I’ll tag @Carlos here for more info on that :v:

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Hey @Tracyyokebed,

  1. Please do not share sensitive information (like invoice numbers) on your public posts.

  2. Please do a little bit of cleaning on your iMusician dashboard. Currently, there is only one release that was paid, all the others are empty and should be deleted to avoid any confusion.

clean dashboard

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are requesting. I can confirm that you have subscribed to AMPLIFY before ordering the release (if that was your concern), but in case this is not what you are refering to, please reformulate your request a little bit more clearly so we can help you :slight_smile:



I will like to change the name of my Ep cos instead of the title I wrote my artist name


Do you have Amplify+ subscription plan? More info here: What if I need to correct something after my release was delivered? | iMusician
Is your release paid and delivered?

@Carlos will come and help you starting from tomorrow. There is no work on weekends.

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Yes sir I have already paid for the release and I made a mistake when I bought the amplify i didn’t précise the release I thought it was for thesame release.

Hello @Tracyyokebed,

Unfortunately your AMPLIFY subscription doesn’t allow you to make modifications after the release was delivered. If you want to change the title of your release, you can either:

  1. Upgrade your subscription to AMPLIFY+ to request the modification or;
  2. Request a takedown of the release. You’ll then have to wait 4 weeks for all shops to remove it and after that you’ll be able to recreate it with the correct title this time.