ISNI instead of IPI for authors?

Hello, I’m uploading a track and I noticed that in the contributors details IPI has been replaced by ISNI, is IPI not needed anymore?



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Hey @theegg

It is not necessary anymore, I’ll get one of the team to provide more clarity as soon as possible.

Great name by the way, any tracks of yours we can listen to already?

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Thank you, much appreciated!

Yes, there’s already some stuff here :wink: Spotify

Loving that 80’s synth vibe, am listening to your “mixtape” right now and just Yup Yup Yup for each track! Gravity has it going tho - hitting the favourite on that one - is it an electric violin or?

Thanks! It’s a regular acoustic violin :violin:


Looking forward to your next release, please please drop it on the Share your News section!

I will certainly do it!

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Hey @theegg,

Yes, the IPI number is no longer needed. As you might have noticed, we did our best to make the distribution process as smooth as possible, and since the IPI number is no longer required by the shops, we removed it.

And yep, you just got a new follower! Gravity is AMAZING :sunglasses: I’m listening to the other tracks and I love the way you managed to blend the acoustic violin into such brilliant synth vibes!

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Thank you Maurizio!

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