ISRC Codes for mastering

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If I have to send the ISRC codes to the mastering engineer but I want to keep them with iMusician service, how can I do on the platform?
After the mastering of the entire album I’ll upload all the tracks on iMusician and I want to make them available in september only in the online store where you can download the song after you buy it.
Is it possible?
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I will answer based on my knowledge and experience, but I’m sure other moderators or someone from the staff will complete my answer.

I never used iMusician’s mastering service, so I don’t know how that works, however I’m using my own ISRC codes and can tell you about that.
If you have your own ISRC codes, you will write them on the form of each track you will add to your iMusician library. It’s the only time where you need these codes.
If you don’t have your own ISRC codes, you will leave the line “ISRC” blank when uploading your tracks, and iMusician will create them for you when you will release them. Useful article here: Where Can I Find My ISRC And Barcode? | iMusician

To be able to release tracks in September, it will depend on your subscription plan and on the date when you will buy the release. More info here: How long does it take to have my release online? | iMusician and How to choose my release date? | iMusician

As for your question about the stores, again the ones you can select will depend on your subscription plan. More details here: Pricing | iMusician

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thanks for your useful answer.
I’ll work with an external mastering studio and the engineer wants the ISRC codes to write them in the digital master of the songs, so I should have that codes before uploading the tracks on the platform. Could I have the codes without uploading the tracks? And only when I’ll have the mastered tracks upload them? Maybe I can upload the mixed tracks before to have the ISRC codes and after I can replace them with the mastered ones?

As for the release of the tracks and for the stores I read the guides in the site but this specific questions remain unresolved for me

Oh I see, I thought you were talking about the mastering service of iMusician. Okay I understand.
In which country are you? In France the SCPP deals with the IRSC codes. In less than 72h you can have them. I assume that in every country there is an organization that creates them?

For the other question I will tag @Carlos for help.

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Ok so you suggest to keep the codes on my own and not with iMusician, right?

It’s totally up to you and your preferences! At first I used the ones created by my distributor (iMusician is my second one), but now I prefer to have my own.

If you want to have your own it solves your problem. However, if you want those from iMusician and your mastering engineer needs those codes right now, I don’t know what to do.

Need help from @Carlos or someone else from the staff please!

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Hello @RosMar8,

  1. “I want to make them available in september only in the online store where you can download the song after you buy it.”
    → What are the names of the platforms you are referring to please ? If they are on the list of platforms simply select them when creating your order.

  2. “Could I have the codes without uploading the tracks?”
    → No because the ISRC codes are generated automatically upon payment of your order. If you want to generate the ISRC codes before paying for your order, please follow the procedure suggested by @eriahummingbird.


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Ok thank you all, now I have clear ideas