ISRC for Vinyl

I would like to release my first album via imusician, and also make vinyls. For the vinyls i need the ISRC and EAN codes. But as the album isn’t mastered yet, i cant upload the finished audio.
Is it possible to get those codes via imusician for the vinyl mastering, and later upload the music?
Thank you for your help!

Hi there and welcome to our community forum!

ISRC codes:
I don’t know which country you’re from, but usually you can ask them yourself through an organization (for example in France it’s the SCPP who handles that and it’s free), or you can just leave it blank and iMusician will create them for you (it’s free).

EAN codes:
iMusician will create them for you (it’s free).

Both codes can be generated by iMusician when you download your tracks, just leave them empty. Or write your own ISRC codes if you have them and leave empty only the EAN.

Wait until you have your files and then upload them. Don’t worry about the codes for now.

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