Issue with Release —Corrected problems but Not Able to Click the Submit Button


Im hoping you can help me.

I have created my album “Kayla’s Kohlection” but I forgot to add in the original publishers since the songs are cover songs, so I failed the quality check. I have since fixed the release but when I check off the box the submit button does not become available even though none of the songs are highlighted red anymore since I fixed them. Can someone help me??

-Kayla Kohla

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Hello @KaylaKohla

Thanks for your message.

@Maurizio will get back to you shortly.



Hello @KaylaKohla,

I’m happy to see you managed to move forward with the modification! Good luck with your release :musical_note:


I feel like I have figured out how to make the button appear (it had to do with the order I was doing things). Did everything go through okay? Is there anything else needed?

I haven’t heard anything yet.

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