Issues with my release - Instructions unclear

Apparently, my release did not make the quality check - fair enough.

However, the instructions are completely unclear to me. Something is wrong with my track title or art work? And I cannot use my producers artist name but need to use his real name? But these are only my two guesses.

To be frank, I rather toss these 9 Euros in the bin and release my track elsewhere with comprehensive instructions, less waiting time and a direct support.

But then, the take down fuctions does not work either :smiley: Please delete my track!

Hello @Aufschneider

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.



Hey @Aufschneider,

It’s very simple: you cannot add your artist name in the title of your release, please remove it:


My track title is suppose to have the artistname in it. I did not put the name there just for fun. It is the actual song title.

That is an odd requirement anyway. Plus other things are wrong to!

As I said, I already chose a different vendor, so I just will try to delete my release.

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The artist name is already mentionned in the metadata, there is no need to add it in your track title… Anyways, I’ve cancelled your release, more info on this in your DM’s.