Late Release for No Reason?

I had paid for my release back in January. 5 song ep with nothing but beats I had been working on and finally wanted to release. I set the release date to Valentine’s Day 2024 and patiently waited. I decided I wanted to release my music on more platforms and I wanted to change the cover so I purchased an AMPLIFY+ subscription to do so, $30+ spent on the website for one release which is more than generous. My EP didnt release on time though, I discovered there was apparently an issue because I seemed to “not exist” and that I could be a streaming bot (somehow). I was asked to send in a social media link to prove my identity and I was told it’d be sent to safety teams and then we’d proceed from there. Its been 3 days now and I have asked twice about the status of my already late release with no word. There’s no customer service number and I’m being ignored by staff. Help me!

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hi @m4rkie , if you are already in contact with the support via e-mail plz just delete this topic , otherwise I’ll tag @Carlos here to see if he can help you.


Hey @m4rkie,

Your account is still under review by our Trust & Safety team. Please be patient while the ongoing verifications are completed, you will be contacted in due time via e-mail. So far, all you’ve provided is a link to your personal Instagram which contains no reference to your release, no artist bio, or any conclusive information that could help us go forward…

As you’re in direct contact with our Trust & Safety team, I will kindly ask you to answer their email and discuss this matter with them directly.

Best regards,