Legally publish one of my covers on my YouTube channel

A few years ago I published an EP of covers with iMusician, following all the procedures correctly, and indeed since then my EP has been present on all streaming platforms.

Today I tried to use one of these covers, i.e. my audio, to combine with a video, and publish it on my YouTube channel.

During the publishing procedure, YouTube warned me that it recognised copyrighted content, and that the video would not be viewed by anyone.

I do not understand how to tell YouTube that I am the author of the cover, for which I believe I have already fulfilled all the requirements, since this song is already on YouTube, published automatically by iMusician. What I want to do is to publish it in my channel, and associate it with a video.

Would you be so kind as to help me and explain the correct procedure to follow?

Thank you all,

Hi @nightbit The YouTube Content ID is active for your releases and therefore all videos using your music will be monetised by YouTube.
When you upload, you get a notification that the content is copyright protected by us as we’re collecting the revenue for you.

However this is only a notification. You should be able to upload and publish the video without any issues.

Hi, the video is blocked and cannot be seen by anyone. I also got an email from YouTube:

Hi Night Bit,

A copyright owner using Content ID has claimed some material in your video.

As a result, your video has been blocked, and can no longer be played on YouTube.

This is not a copyright strike. This claim does not affect your account status.

Video title: Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)
Copyrighted content: Stripped (2006 Remaster)
Claimed by: WMG, SME

I don’t know what to do… any help will be appreciated.


Hi @nightbit As you can see by the message that the content wasn’t claimed by us but claimed by the companies who monetize and maybe also block content from Depeche Mode.
In this case you can only try to dispute this claim directly with YouTube. There should be an option at the end of the message to dispute.

Thank you for your reply, but I would like to understand what happened… I released an EP of covers, for which I correctly registered authors, publishers, and all rights holders. I also have a YouTube Content ID, which should allow me to publish my productions on YouTube without any problems.

Is this correct?

The fact that YouTube blocked my audio anyway, how do you explain this? Is this an error on YouTube’s part, in your opinion?

I am quite scared of opening a complaint directly to YouTube: Can you advise me on the most correct way to put the matter?