Let's talk: What impact does AI have on the music industry?

Hello everyone :sunglasses: :v:

I would like to talk with you all about the topic AI in the music industry. A topic that is very common these days and is becoming more and more popular.

I have also dealt with this topic. I used AI Music Tools for the first time for a current project to gain my own experience and I’m really speechless about the result.

I converted reggaeton vocals from a sample pack that I purchased into Bad Bunny’s style. Here is the result → https://youtu.be/Hw46osSa91c?si=T3inTmc0p2Fz8l3S

For me, of course, this won’t replace the collaboration with a real person. Nevertheless, it is a good experience that you can gain, that you can rely on in one project or another, and you can see how fascinating and advanced our technology today is.

Feel free to write your thoughts about this topic here and whether you have any experience with AI.




Some months ago, I have tried & published a music including AI. I was not very happy with the results but it sounds ok.

Spotify suppressed it automatically after some months.



Thank you for sharing your experiences @A2D :clap:

I’m excited to see what will happen with my two tracks.


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