Link My Facebook And Instagram To Upcoming Release

Hello can you link my Facebook and Instagram profiles to my upcoming release. It as been delivered to the stores and the release date is February .

Hello @AlmightyBillionaire

unfortunately only Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music give us the possibility to link your music to your existing profiles before the release date.

Other shops should do that automatically based on your previous releases. If there’s any issue, please let us know, so we can ask the shop to correct your profile afterward.

@christoph ok I don’t understand. I am talking of my Facebook and Instagram social media profile not my Artist profiles on the apple music and the online stores.
I have situation were Instagram and Facebook as taken my posts down because my song was not linked to my profiles on there platforms. They said it was copyright infridgment. Even though it is my song I am Posting on my page.

So can you confirm to me that for Facebook and Instagram I should wait till when my music is released before you can link my song to my profiles there?

I mean do you understand what I am asking you to do?

Can I get a reply from Imusiciandigital?

Hello @AlmightyBillionaire
The support in this Community can take some time - please be patient, we answer everyone and give the support needed. If you want to get a faster support and via email, you can always get one of our subscription AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+.

I want to start promoting my upcoming release on Facebook and Instagram. I need Imusiciandigital to link my upcoming release to my Facebook and Instagram profile page so that it won’t be taken down because of copyright infringement.

@christoph ?

Hi @AlmightyBillionaire

There can be multiple reasons why certain content or posts get flagged by Meta and often there’s not much that we can do in advance to help you out here.
You can however use this form from Meta to claim your rights: Copyright Report Form | Facebook