Linking a song to my artist profile from another artist

Can I add a song/album from my other project to my artist profile? (In this case the name of the artist does not change, but just appears in the discography)

As an example, I’m going to show you how it’s done for the artist “Mike Shinoda” on Spotify, who has an album from his other project “Fort Minor” displayed in his discography.

Link: Spotify

Hi @rv_nick as far as I can see, in your example Mike Shinoda was listed as an artist on the album together with Fort Minor, that’s why the song Welcome appears also on his profile although he isn’t listed as an artist on the the song itself.

I hope this can help :v: just to be sure I didn’t miss anything important I’ll tag also @Carlos here :v:

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Okay. Is it possible to make it through iMusician? I mean that the name not show up listed as an artist on the the song itself in that case? @Andi

I would say to repubblish the album with the correct names could be one way, but maybe there are also other and better ways, let’s see what @Carlos @Melani can suggest

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Hi everyone @Andi and @rv_nick!

In order for a track to appear in the discography, the mentioned artists must have a primary role (main artist). Any other role will make the track or albun appearing in “Appears on”. Please check the roles we accept:

Plus, in case you want to add a track to an existing release published with us, you would need to takedown the released one and recreate it. It is not possible to add/remove tracks of releases that are online :slight_smile:

Hope this explains and all the best everyone!