Live on Spotify but not yet on Apple music / itunes

Dear community,
My track is visible on Spotify (since yesterday) but not yet on Apple music / itunes!

Does anyone know why this is taking any longer?
A month should have been enough imo.

Cédric - Across The Field

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Hello @AcrossTheField :wave:

What kind of subscription do you have ?

  • Distribution to iTunes/Apple Music is only available for AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+ users.

The guidelines for Apple Music & iTunes are updated, an interesting faq on iMusician with a link to the guidelines

The support is closed the week-end.

@Carlos could you be kind to help, a great thank you for it


Dear A2D,
thank you for your time.
As you can see it should be included for regular users.

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Hello @AcrossTheField,

What do you mean by “regular users” ?

As @A2D explained, Apple Music is only availbe for AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+ users as indicated here : Pricing | iMusician


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