Love Never Lasts - AlexGB231 ft. Mai from Synthesizer V Studio

So, recently, one of my subscribers and online friends released a poem, and I decided to use the text as the basis for one of my songs. This also turned out to be a great opportunity to put the new synthesised vocals from Synthesizer V Studio that I’ve been playing around with recently to the test. And it works really well here! For the most part, it pretty much sounds as natural as a human voice to my ears, and I think it fits the song really well! I played around with options such as emotion, softness, tension, and breathiness, and even an option called ‘gender’ to get the vocal style I wanted, even changing them up a bit between verses and choruses too to create some difference.

Aside from that, there’s also a piano solo at 4:04 in the song, which I recorded live at my university campus. I created that particular solo in about less than an hour, but it did take me a few takes until I got one I was satisfied with. Of course, since it was recorded live through my laptop speakers, there is a bit of background noise in places, and the audio quality isn’t perfect, but I still like it, and it’s nice to have that section be played live in contrast to everything else being made in Logic Pro X/Synth V. If you want the score for that section, here it is: Love Never Lasts piano solo.pdf - Google Drive

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!