I am Lander, part of the electronic funk soul duo Mailand Scope. We are based in Zaragoza and we hope you enjoy our music!

You can find below our Spotify chanel and a clip. I hope you like them!


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Hey @MailandScope - absolutely loving Mr.R. loving the sounds you are making - how many of you in the band?

Hi! Thanks for listening!

We are justo two: my partner Mike sings and plays the bass guitar, keys, trombone and trumpet. And I sing and Play guitar and drums.

During concerts, we trigger a base and we play on It. Depending on the song, we play some instruments and others.

We are planning to.launch a new EP soon.

I Hope you likes It!


That’s awesome for just the two of you!

Also - just to poke everyone in this thread, we’re having a good chat (and whinge) about music promotion over on this thread: Music Promotion - What works for you? [MegaPost] feel free to contribute - we want to work to develop things (products, services and content) that actually help indie artists…

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