Manager looking for new artists to work with!

Hello everyone!

My name is Marie-Sandra and I’m the person behind Eria HummingBird in terms of…well, everything that isn’t on the creative aspect haha!
Some of you might have seen my posts in the “Ask a question” section of the forum, since I’m part of the Community Moderators staff.

Now that my work with Eria is on the right track, I’m looking for other artists to work with, to expand my activities :smile:

Here’s an overview of the tasks I do for/with Eria:

  • Community manager (public profiles + “for artists” pages).
  • Creation of the marketing strategy.
  • Management of the work schedule.
  • Artistic Direction.
  • Legal watch (intellectual property, royalties, copyrights, …).
  • Financial management (expenses and budgetary revenues).
  • Commercial prospection.

I’m based in a small town in the South of France, but we could perfectly work online!
I can speak both French and English.
Hit me up if you’re interested!


Hello again,

Just wanted to add that you can check our website for more info: