Mastering 4 titres

Hi, yesterday i bought IA mastering for 4 tracks, (Imusician charged me 39,96euros) but I only received 3 masterized tracks in my dashboard. Find below screenshot as an invoice for 4 tracks.
Please, tell me what to do to get the 4th track.
You could maybe get back credit of 1 master on my account?
Thx in advance. Best regards, Ben.

Hello @La_Lionne,

First of all, welcome to our community! It’s nice to have you here, despite the reason for this first message :slight_smile:

With the information you provided, I was able to locate the masterings and one of them failed to be generated but I have now restarted the task and you are able to find the missing mastered track for “Clochette” available on your library at iMusician.

Let us know if any further help is needed.

Have a great day and weekend ahead!