Mastering Payed 4 tracks / recieved 3

Hi, today i bought IA mastering for 4 tracks, (Imusician charged me 39,96euros) but I only received 3 masterized tracks in my dashboard. Find below screenshot as an invoice for 4 tracks.
Please, tell me what to do to get the 4th track.
The missing track is called : Grim Reaper

Thx in advance. Best regards


Hey @Sylvain :v:

Thank you for your message.

Please do not share invoice numbers. @Carlos from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request.

Best regards

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Hello @Sylvain,

I have relaunched the mastering for the missing and it is now completed. You can now find the 4 mastered tracks in your library :


Thx !! that’s great :+1: