Maximum Ammount of Artist

I am tryign to add a new release of a an artist which is on Spotify alredy but I havent released a release of just yet.
I am using the Free edition of iMusician. COuld it be the amount of Artist is limited to 3 ?

See the attached screenshot of how it looks

thanks for your help!

Hi @Uzimillian
There is no limitation of artists with iMusician.
Can you try to type the name in the empty bar? Then, there is usually a ‘plus’ on the side to create it if not already.

Let me know if that helped and come back here if you’re still blocked.

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Hey JJ
thanks for trying to help
yes I do press it now yo uare right it is letting me enter a new artist name.
Though look at tha attached screen cast video I added so see what occured.
Every time I try to copy the URL link or infact jsut press in on the field to enter the Spotify Aritst ID of existing Artist - it simply closes the new artist window… very weird

I prepared a google drive link:

Just to make sure its not ‘browser dependent’ just tried it as well from Safari - same problem occurs

Hm, thanks for sharing @Uzimillian - that seems pretty weird. tagging @Juan who’s an expert in all of this, he might be a great help.

Yes. Lets hope he can help with this cause this means that I can not release any release of any existing artist on Spotify already - this is very bad

I managed to trick the system. But really this is a big and serious bug when the field is not clickable, it escapes the sub window immedietly!

basically - using the ‘tab’ button I managed to get on the field, then by copying the full URL it didnt work as well so I tried just the first block of numbers between the ‘/’ and the ‘?’ in the whole URL. Lets see that I manage to proceed though… will updates here