Mechanical Constructions - AlexGB231 ft Mai and SOLARIA from Synth V

So, I’ve been experimenting a lot with Synth V to add vocal parts to my work. In this song, I use the Mai and SOLARIA voicebank primarily, with some parts from Kevin during the bridge. The song itself uses a lot of synthesisers, which fits well in a song about being a robot (and also having vocal synths sing about this song topic as well is fitting too!) It grooves really hard, and some of the melodies have really been sticking in my head since writing this! Any feedback would be appreciated as this is not the final version and will most likely be improved upon when it releases in my upcoming vocal album, alongside several other songs I’ve written with the help of Synth V too.

I hope you enjoy it!


Hello @AlexGB231

Interesting development as I have a background study in computing, I could easily enjoy it. I feel like I hear the first time one of the early Depeche Mode album in the beginning of synths.

As feedback, do you have tried with a synth that sound more recent ? Could be great with these vocals too.

I know nothing about these banks & methods. Have you an how-to about it ?

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Hi @A2D

I’m glad you like it. In terms of selecting synthesisers, I just selected a few from Logic Pro X that I thought sounded good - I don’t really know that much about the origins of the synths or anything, but I do think that the ones I chose sounds good! I have also studied a bit of Computing in the past as well, so I also do have a fair amount of interest in technology and how it can benefit music making.

For the vocals, I used a vocal synth software known as Synthesizer V Studio (can be abbreviated to just Synth V). You do need to pay to use it, as well as pay for some of the better vocal synths, but it does come with a free Lite version that you can try out first to get a feel for what it’s like before paying for the full version. You can find out more on their website here:



Thank you for the link :wave: :wink: