Metronome in the background of released track

My first track has been released and although I uploaded a clean track there is a metronome track behind it. I assume iMusician wants to remedy the situation. Otherwise I need the track taken down, my money refunded and account closed. Please and Thank you. Light and Love!

Here is the link:

You Taught Me Well.

dear @SpiritualPrincess83 can you please post the EAN barcode of the song? meanwhile I’m asking @Carlos for help to check this strange situation out :v:


Hello @SpiritualPrincess83,

I’m not really sure I understand, we have released the track with the audiofile that you have provided us with (apparently you left the metronome in it), so on our end there isn’t really anything to “remedy”. If you want to takedown the release you can do it by following this procedure : How to take down a release or deactivate the Content ID? | iMusician

As the release has already been delivered to the shops, no refund is applicable here I’m afraid.



Thank you for your response. I understand no refund available. I found the (lol) corrupted (metranomed) file on my computer.

Thanks again for your time and support

Light and Love,


EAN: 4066218804980

I discovered my issue. Thanks again

Light and Love,


@SpiritualPrincess83 I’m glad we could help :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!