Migrate to another digital distributor

Hi everyone! I need to understand which information and steps I need to do to migrate my publication to another digital distributor.

Thank you in advance for your help,


hi @metcox91 , if you are changing from iMusician to another distributer first of all you should contact your new distributer and see what their specific requests are. You will in any case have to take down your publications and maybe you will like to keep your ISRC safe. If you want to join iMusician this would apply.
Can you tell us the reasons for the change? Let us know if this helps plz :v:


How can I keep my ISRC codes safe? The interface is not friendly at all.

I am changing as I founded a new independent music label and we signed a contract with a new distributor that offer us better conditions.

Can you please help me to find our ISRC codes and in taking down our publications?

Thank you

Please reply by today because we are in a hurry.

it seems absurd to me that I cannot freely remove my music at will from your platform, without even having the possibility to contact us.

I hope this is my last message on the subject,

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Hello @metcox91

You can find the ISRC codes of the releases in the dashboard under → Library → Releases → Then click on the respective releases. This is described in the following article → Where Can I Find My ISRC And Barcode? | iMusician

Here you will find the instructions on how to delete your releases → How to take down a release or deactivate the Content ID? | iMusician


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