Missing capital letters from a release

I need help to correct two ortographic errors from the release ‘La Leyenda de Cyrena’. THESE WERE CORRECTLY WRITTEN WHEN SUBMITTED, WHICH I´VE JUST VERIFIED CHECKING THE RELEASE DETAILS THAT ARE LOGGED IN MY ACCOUNT. Somehow this two capital letters got lost when the album was released in the platforms.

  • My account email: (DELETED BY MODERATOR)
  • The album reference: EAN 4066218652444
  • The title of the album should be ‘La Leyenda de Cyrena. El musical’. There´s one capital letter missing
  • The title of the first song of the album should be ‘Prólogo - La Escuela’ There´s another capital letter missing.

Thank you very much for your help.
Roberto R.

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Hello @roberto.rodriguez.mu

Thanks for your message.

Please do not share personal information such as email addresses in the community.

@Melani will get back to you shortly.


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Ciao @cantheproducer, we made it to the mid of the week :sparkles:

Hi @roberto.rodriguez.mu, I checked your release and I see that the two titles were changed. I asked our delivery team to send an update to all shops. I will keep you updated :slight_smile: