Missing cash credit from my balance

Dear iMusician team,

First of all, it’s ridiculous that I can’t find a support email address where I can write to you regarding my problem… Please be so kind to get in touch with me via my email with your answer.

Recently I’ve visited your site to see how much balance we have with my band. It has struck me by surprise that basically we have zero credit (3,85€). I see 106,66€ promo credit but I can’t find a way to transfer this to my bank account.

What was even more surprising is that although we’ve uploaded all our songs with the Rockstar package, now I see that we have a free subscription at the moment which comes with a 10% commission. We’ve deliberately chosen the Rockstar package back then with a significantly higher flat fee in order to avoid paying any commissions or monthly/yearly subscription fees.

After short research, I’ve found out that you’ve changed your subscription plans, so my best guess is that most probably you’ve transferred us to a wrong account category during your user migration and after that you’ve accidentally depleted our credits for either commissions or monthly/yearly subscription fees.

I haven’t received any official info from you that you’d like to change the terms of services regarding our songs/account. I haven’t actively agreed either to any changes in the terms of services and even at one of your tabs I see a note that: “Without upgrading, releases uploaded prior to January 10, 2023 keep the commission rate under which they were purchased.”

Could you please take a look at this issue?

Also, could you please check why I can’t see any data on our analytics tab and only the 2023 data on the revenue tab?

Thanks a lot!


Dear @istvan.takacs , I’m tagging @Carlos here to look into this :v:


Hello @istvan.takacs

You can expect an answer next week. No one from the Team works at this time and on weekends.



Thanks, have a great weekend!


Hey @istvan.takacs,

  1. Your cash credit has been converted to promo credit because you haven’t logged into your account for over a year. This is a procedure that’s explained in the Terms & Conditions you’ve accepted when opening your account with us.

  2. It’s been almost a year already that we’ve switched to subscription plans, all customers (you included) have been informed of this change via email in January 2023. If you take a look at your releases, you’ll see that your commission remains the same, you’re still earnig 100% of your revenue (however, part of this revenue was converted to promo credit, as explained in point n°1).

  1. Music Analytics is not included in your current subscription as explained here. Currently, the sales data is only available from January 2023 to July 2023, you need to donwload your monthly sales report in order to keep track of your monthly revenue.



Thanks a lot for your answer and the details. I’m sorry to hear that the few bucks we’ve earned are gone :confused:

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They’re not “gone”, they’ve been converted to Promo credit which you can still use on our platform :slight_smile: