Missing royalties from youtube

I’m artist and imusician user since september 2019 (5 years with you guys! Yeah).
In past imusician had problem with Tidal who didnt pay or pay sometimes, but in all these years i never had a problem with royalties from youtube - report from yesterday is withou any cent from youtube.
I have profile on youtube studio and official youtube artist channel and i see some streams from february - question is - it’s problem with imusician-youtube royalties? Or streams that i see on my youtube stats arent eligible for royalties?
I released 80% of my discography with imusician and i wont believe that these songs didnt earn any cents on youtube.
Thanks for any information.

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Flamingo Cartel


Same problem here.

I always had 4-5 digits numbers under “YouTube Content ID” but in the last report (regarding Feb 2024) the number is 0 and this is clearly a mistake.
Total revenue is 50% lower than usual (and the main reason seems to be the missing youtube royalties).

Any explanation?

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Thanks for information, it seems that imusician didnt receive royalties from youtube, as i written above i released most of my music with imusician and i won’t believe that they stolen these royalties, i’m sure it’s something wrong and it’s not imusician fault.
But we should wait for official information from someone from Imusician crew @Melani

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Hello @FlamingoCartel @dgtldtrt,

Thank you for raising this. Currently, some major platforms (including YouTube) are undergoing major changes to their royalty policies, which is influencing the way their calculations are finalized. As we rely on the platforms data to populate your dashboard’s analytics, we are currently zeroing CID earnings until YouTube provides us with finalized numbers.

We understand the importance of timely payments and we are in contact with the shops to address this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work with the affected online shops to resolve this matter as quickly as possible :slight_smile:


Thanks for explain @Carlos!


Hi Carlos,
do you know if this impasse situation started in February and it is still going on today?

Or is it a more recent thing?

Because if it already started in February and in June hasn’t been fixed yet, it sounds quite worrying.

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Hey @dgtldtrt, this affects revenue generated from February. Keep in mind that revenue is always checked/paid by the shops with a delay of 4 months, so your February payouts are still being calculated now. Due to the changes in royalty policies I’ve mentionned in my previous message, these calculations are being delayed and unfortunately we don’t know yet for how long.

We are in contact with the shops in order to get further information on this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience it might cause in the meantime.

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@Carlos thanks for information, i just wanna let you know that i have released few of my singles in other distributors and they didnt had a problem like this, i mean i get royalties from youtube like always (for all months)
So i understand this problem is on youtube-imusician line right?

Same to us and its happen only with our imusician acc with others we are okay!

Yeah so it seems like it’s „problem” on youtube-imusician line - right? @Carlos

Each distributor has its own policies and method of calculating royalties. This month, we faced an unexpected setback, largely due to factors beyond our control with the shops, and we apologize for any disruption this may have caused. Like anyone, we encounter challenges from time to time…

Please rest assured that we are dedicated to promptly delivering all royalties once we receive the finalized numbers. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information from the outset, minimizing the need for further adjustments!

Thank you for your understanding and patience :slight_smile:


All clear.
Have a nice day!