Misstyoed Email Adress


I opened an account on imusician and misstyped my email adress during the process.

I already paid the fee but never got confirmation for nothing (I have a receipt that I paid 103.90 CHF).

But since my email was misstyped now I cant access my account and I cant find it either.

Please contact me immediately for solving this issue.

the card is in the name of Youcef Bouhenguel

And I opened the account in may 2nd 2023 with this name.

i have the confirmation that I paid but cannot access my account with the real email adress.

Kind regards


Hi @josephbouhenguel

Thank you for your message. @Carlos from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request.

Please be patient :clap:


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Hello @josephbouhenguel,

I have contacted you in DM :slight_smile:

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