Modification contributeurs

J’aimerais ajouter un contributeur sur ma sortie puis-je le faire ? Et si oui comment une fois la sortie publiée ?

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Hi @Gmoses and welcome to our Community :smiley: Maybe you could post the barcode (EAN Code) of your pubblication meanwhile so that someone (maybe @Carlos ?) can help you better next week. :v:

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Hey @Gmoses

thanks for your message.

Has your release already been delivered to the shops? If so, it is unfortunately no longer possible to modify it. If you wish to modify this release, you have two options:

  1. Subscribe to the AMPLIFY+ offer, which allows you to make modifications to the release after delivery . You can find more information here → Quelles modifications puis-je apporter une fois que ma sortie est en ligne ? | iMusician

  2. If you prefer to keep your current subscription, you must request the takedown of your release from the platforms → Comment puis-je retirer une sortie ou désactiver le Content ID ? | iMusician

Please wait for the takedown procedure to be finalised (2 to 4 weeks) and you can then recreate the release, this time by entering the contributor artist details.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here at any time. If we can’t answer something, as my mod colleague Andi already mentioned, then Carlos will contact you.

Best regards,


Bonjour @Gmoses,

Merci de répondre aux questions de @cantheproducer afin que je puisse (éventuellement) donner suite à votre demande.


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Hi, thank you for the answer !

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