Modifying metadata for published music

I would like to modify the reserved rights for the releases I published in 2019. I had put my personal name and I would like to use the name of the record label that I created in order to align the old releases with the new ones. I had entered my personal name, which could also create privacy issues for me that I would like to avoid. I have tried to do it both from Spotify for Artists and from Imusician (from the latter it does not show me the library of releases that I have made), these are releases from 2019. I have been trying for years without results, I just discovered this community now and I hope to resolve this issue.


Hi @whitecharlie, thank you for your message.

Changes are possible free of charge to our artists and artists with AMPLIFY+ subscription. You can still request the change with your subscription directly from the dashboard and by opening your release. I kindly ask you to go to the release tab > click on Edit > Request Change.

I hope my information will be useful to you and have a good day!

Kind regards,