Money disappeared

I paid for a package (EP + 2 singles) a couple days ago. 2 days ago, you changed your system, now there are yearly submissions, and since them my money (about CHF 96) has disappeared from my account. I tried to contact you, looked for the contact for at least 2h and still can’t find any way to get in touch.
Please refund my money ASAP.
Thank you for getting back to me today.

Hi @davidlenoir,

I know it always take a while to get used to something new, but I hope you like the new interface!
I see the amount is still in your dashboard
image (12)

Let me know if you have any more doubts or questions!
Ps: I’m listening to your release Qui suis-je? right now and I love it!!!

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Hi Maurizio,

Thank you for your quick reply. But I want a full refund, since you changed the conditions after I ordered a package. I’m not interested in the yearly subscription method and I’m switching to another provider.

Thank you.

I see your point @davidlenoir,

Just to let you know that these credits can be used towards both releasing and the new subscription options, which means you would actually give you more releases and access to more features.

The packages we sold were for promo credit purchases and could be used for anything you wanted (even in the old system), we just designed the package value around a release plan.

However, we understand that you feel like we’ve taken something away from you and if you still feel that you’d prefer a refund, please send me a DM and we’ll proceed.

Hi I would have the same refund as well, I am not yet interested in the subscription and since there is no more credits package useful with this method… Doesn’t make any sense for now to have credits on the account…

Hey @liamphanmusic,

I understand.
just sent you a DM, and will do my best to get back to you asap!

@Maurizio hello, i just got about 9 euros from my december 2022 royalties but they doesn t appear on my account. My account is at 0 euros because i asked for a paiement 3 days ago, before the december 2022 royalties have been in line, so my account will normally be at about 9 euros. Can you fix the problem please ?

Hello @JIMM,

Due to a technical problem that occurred last March, our technical team had to temporarily limit the sales overview, as you can see from your Revenue page:

We are currently working on the resolution of this problem, so thank you in advance for your patience.

ok, but the problem is still here, my account is at 0 euros, but i earned 9 euros from the last rapport 10 days ago.