Monterarization of Videos after OAC creation

Hi togehter,

in November my private youtube account, vevo account and youtube topic account have been merged to my OAC through your support. Thats really great! But the videos from the Vevo and Youtube-Theme account were never monetized. Now, as they are connected to my channel, I am wondering if I get the money back.

The concrete cases are two videos with over 100.000 clicks from the vevo and youtube - topic channel. Do I get the money back from these videos, even if the clicks were generated before the creation of the OAC?

Thanks for the support!


Hello @MathiasWehr

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to give you info about your monetized videos.

The support is closed the week-end and in holidays.



Hello @MathiasWehr,

It’s important to know that YouTube doesn’t monetize your content based on the amount of views you collect, but on the amount of ads they place on your videos. Even if you’ve cumulated 100’000 clicks, it doesn’t necessarily translate into 100’000 monetized ad placements. Unfortunately, if YouTube hasn’t provided us with revenue data for your videos, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it.

Also, keep in mind that monetization is never retroactive, so you will not receive any money “back” from them I’m afraid :confused:



ok, thanks for that information, so I will try to contact youtube directly with that question.