Monthly revenue


Our monthly revenue for 2023 has been reduced. Instead of 18.97 € it became 15.46 €. The total revenue of January-July was changed.

Also, we can’t find information about our all time sales. There is only information about 2023 on page Revenue.

Why our revenue for January-July 2023 was reduced?

Where can we find data for all time sales?

Please be so kind to get in touch with us via our email with your answer.


Hello @Gap

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Maurizio will get back to you shortly.


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Hey @Gap,

The numbers you see on your dashboard show the final, filtered data that was provided by the shops. If your total for January-July shows 15.46€, that’s what the shops are willing to monetize.

We are always uploading your monthly sales report on your dashboard, you need to download it regularly if you want to keep track of your all-time sales. It is not possible to recuperate sales that were generated before January 2023.

Email support is only availabe to customers that are subscribed to AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+.