Payments. Our 1st topic is locked for discussion for no reason


All our royalties from 2021 were recalculated by iMusician in November-early December 2023 downward. Thus, iMusician withdrew in overall 14,81 € from our account for no reason.

We didn’t make any payouts from the account and overall cash credit was 107,82 € in November 2023. iMusician reduced overall cash credit to 93,01 €.

Also, in the beginning of December 2023 iMusician reduced already credited to the account royalties for January-July 2023:

  • In January 2023 was 3,19 €. In December you changing it to 2,06 €.
  • in February was 3,25 €. In December you changing it 2,59 €.
  • March - 2,14 €. Now - 2,13 €
  • April - 2,79 €. Now - 1,89 €
  • May - 1,07 €. Now - 0,97 €
  • June - 2,9 €. Now - 2,5 €
  • July - 3,64 €. Now - 3,31 €

The final payment amounts for these months have already been published in our account.

Why did you recalculate and reduce payments that were already published long ago?

If we decided to payout cash credit, for example, before November 2023, we would get more money. It’s quite strange.

We hope you will look into this issue and return our funds.

Why are you closing the forum thread on our reсent question on your own without giving us a chance to object to your answer?

Best regards,

hi @Gap , I’ll tag @Carlos here :v:

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Hey @Gap,

I’ve already explained to you here that we don’t have any influence on the calculation of your revenue, this is all taken care of by the shops. We only receive and put at your disposal the final numbers that are communicated to us.

If part of your revenue was “deducted” it means that the shops have invalidaded parts of your streams (there are multiple reasons for this, which unfortunately they communicate even to the distributors).

So, again, “we” didn’t do anything to your overall revenue and the numbers you see on your dashboard are final.