More music and videos from Putzi Records and Putzi Productions artists

Hi there, this is again Kurt from Putzi Records (and Putzi Productions). I was asked to share more music from our artists (released via iMusician or not… sorry).

Please have a look, enjoy, and I am happy to have your feedback and reactions. Cheers, Kurt.

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No reason to be sorry, we can be are a community for independent artists / bands / labels first and an iMusician owned thing second :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, the documentary is brilliant, I would love to see more artists doing this themselves to explain who they are and what they do. Great and interesting piece.

As for the other links - Sandmoon is going onto my favs, beautiful and “crisp” sounding.

Hi Simon, thank for your feedback regarding the Frida documentary. We shot material for a second short documentary this June in Beirut. It should be out around the end of the year. Please show the first documentary around if you feel like. We also can use a good influencer…

As for Sandmoon, yes, great band. I love them. They love to be in the studio and work on songs. I was in Berlin with Sandmoon in 2017 (as a manager) and we recorded three songs at Riverside Studios, with Victor Van Vugt (producer of Nick Cave and P.J. Harvey). Great experience. If you have connections in Berlin that could be helpful to promote or support Sandmoon, feel free to “shop them around”. Here’s Sandmoon’s website: Best always, speak soon, Kurt.

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Hello! And thank you iMusician to talk about Frida (Arab Soul from Beirut) in your iMusician show 18. Much appreciated. iMusician Show 18 || Virtual Concerts, Napster & The Future of Streaming - YouTube. Frida’s new EP “Ana Min” (who I am) will be out on November 11.

Btw: I will be present at WOMEX 2022 next week (in Lisbon). Anyone from the iMusician community will be there as well. I’d love to meet up. Best, Kurt (Putzi Records).