Moving songs from other distributor to iMusician

Im looking for distributor to release my album. I released 2 singles from this album in other distributor: [] and I would like to move these 2 songs from e-muzyka to iMusician with all plays numbers (statistics) Is it possible??

Hey @PKotar :v:

Thank you for your message.

@Carlos from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly.

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Hello @PKotar,

Yes this is possible :slight_smile: The only things you need to make sure of is:

  1. Keep your ISRC codes in order to preserve your streams and playlist placements;
  2. Make sure that, before you redistribute anything with us, all the songs are taken down from the platforms first (you need to request your previous distributor to do it). Only once the songs are not online anymore will we be able to distribute your tracks.


Carlos, thanks for you reply.

  1. Ok great.
  2. Taking down from platforms takes time, so my songs will be not available on platforms few days or more, before I will distribute by iMusician… It is any solutions to make it asap?

Hello @PKotar,

Unfortunately no as it is not possible to distribute anything that is already online. Unless the takedown has been fully processed by all platforms beforehand, we will not be able to distribute the release(s).


Ok, thank you
If I release album with iMusician and I have 12 song, 10 of them will be released with imusician and 2 from other distributor because this songs are released now. So it is possible to add this 2 songs with my ISRC to my album to have 12 songs?


Hello @PKotar , thanks for your reply!

It is possible but you would need to release the two songs as single first.

What said is valid only until the 2 songs released previously are taken down by the original distributor and then distributed with us. The steps would be:

  1. takedown of the 2 songs
  2. release them as single with iMusician
  3. create the album including the two songs

Hope this helps and all the best