Moving the royalties rights to a different digital distributer

I want to know if its possible in the future to transfer the rights on royalties fro ma release that I signed up and distributed at first but later on in a later stage - to be able to transfer those rights to the artist itself.
Or is there a way to ‘give up’ the rights on the royalties - what happens in that case ? do they gather somehow until a new digital distributer claims them ?


Hey @Uzimillian
Thanks for your question - not sure I fully understand it though but let’s see if what I say will help you:

When you or anyone use iMusician to deliver a release on streaming shops, we collect the royalties for you and you’ll receive the sales reports in your iMusician’s account after a certain amount of time (3-4 months) and the money will be there and can be transfered to a PayPal or bank account that you registered in your payout addresses.

You can’t ‘give up’ on the royalties/rights ; you’ll be receiving the sales as long as the release is online and as long as it generates money (streamed/downloaded).