Moving the royalties rights to a different digital distributer

I want to know if its possible in the future to transfer the rights on royalties fro ma release that I signed up and distributed at first but later on in a later stage - to be able to transfer those rights to the artist itself.
Or is there a way to ‘give up’ the rights on the royalties - what happens in that case ? do they gather somehow until a new digital distributer claims them ?


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Hey @Uzimillian
Thanks for your question - not sure I fully understand it though but let’s see if what I say will help you:

When you or anyone use iMusician to deliver a release on streaming shops, we collect the royalties for you and you’ll receive the sales reports in your iMusician’s account after a certain amount of time (3-4 months) and the money will be there and can be transfered to a PayPal or bank account that you registered in your payout addresses.

You can’t ‘give up’ on the royalties/rights ; you’ll be receiving the sales as long as the release is online and as long as it generates money (streamed/downloaded).

@JJ_JJ I have a similar situation, and probably it will answer the question made by @Uzimillian .
My band had a contract of distribution for many years with a russian/ucranian label, but unfortunately because of the war, they had to cease their activities. But the thing is, our music was uploaded by them, they no longer have the rights, but since the uploads were made in their account, we talked to them to somehow transfer the access to our material/profile on the digital platforms to us, so then we can move on managing the accounts ourselves.
But they informed us it’s not possible, the only thing they can do is to take down our material so then we can upload it again by ourselves. This solution is not very good for us because the we would loose all our numbers, the playlist we’re in, the followers, etc. We dont want to start it all again from scratch.
Is there any alternative for this situation?
Somehow we can gain the access to manage our material without having to take it down?

hi @renas.bianchi , you can take down a song and repubblish it without loosing the numbers, the secret is the ISRC code of the song. All streaming numbers are connected to it.

So before taking down the songs you will need to make sure to have saved the corresponding ISRC codes!

Whilst follower numbers are connected to the artist profile, which you will keep as it is, and not related to the distributor. For what regards the playlists, the song should be grayed out and then reappear when it will be redistributed with the same ISRC code as before by a new distributer, of course iMusician could do that. I hope that this could help and I am tagging also @Carlos from the iMusician Team here to see if he can tell us more about that.


Hey @renas.bianchi,

No, there is no other way to do this. Your old distributor is correct; they first have to request a takedown from all the shops so you can recreate the release(s) yourself.

As @Andi explained, to keep all your streams and playlist placements, all you need to do is use the right ISRC codes when you are recreating the release(s) :slight_smile:



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I see. Well at least with the right ISRC we can keep what we already have, so it’s good news. Thank you @Carlos and @Andi , really appreciate the help! :slight_smile: cheers from Brazil