Music disapeared from Facebook

When we released the music we also distributed on Facebook so that is available for Facebook/Insta stories. However we realised that today the music is no longer available to be used for stories.
I would like to know why this happened and what should we do in order to re-enable it.

Thank you


Hello @sergiu.cazan, thanks for your message!

This is sadly affecting italian releases but it should affect releases from artists outside Italy. For more clarity, I just sent you a DM :slight_smile:

il m’arrive la même chose alors que je suis en France. Ma musique disparait progressivement de facebook et insta : pourquoi ?
Merci pour votre aide
Ana Madet

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Same here. I can no longer see my song on facebook, insta, tiktok. Pls help.


Mee too
Last night, I wanted to add my song to my Instagram story, but I couldn’t find any of my own songs on Facebook or Instagram. The name of artist is : Jat Hammamet .

Is there a problem because the songs are still there but they are hidden when searching?

Same here in France.

pareil pour moi depuis la Suisse, j’ai deux artistes chez Imusician et les deux artistes ont subitement disparus de instagram et facebook ??? sans explication ? et nous devons attendre ici une réponse vu qu’ils ont désactivé les échanges par mail ? Qui à une solution ?


J’espère que vous allez bien. Il est compliqué de vous joindre depuis votre site.

Mon album “Vérité Cash” n’est plus disponible sur Instagram depuis hier or j’en ai urgemment besoin pour continuer à partager du contenu. Comment est-ce possible déjà que ça ait disparu ? Tout allait pourtant bien jusque-là. Qu’est ce qui s’est passé ? Pouvez-vous régler le problème ?

Dans l’attente,

Bien cordialement

AB Mendossa pour PHoeniX Dream Music (PHXDM)

Hi. Upon release my music was on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. But now it just disappeared., i would like to use the audio, some people adviced me that they couldn’t find it on those platforms anymore. What seems to be the problem? May i know when can we view the music again on those platforms? Thank you!


Same here

So a lot of people have this issue and nobody from IMusician is answering. bad.
I have Amp+ plan they just answered that they will re-release the music to Meta.
but I don’t understood yet the reasons of this situation

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@Dee @sergiu.cazan
Just check your social network
Now my music has back again on Insta/Fb

mes musiques sont également revenu sur les réseaux, vérifier si c’est le cas pour vous aussi .

Hey all - sorry for the slight delay here - seems like a lot happened and I prefered to get more information before getting back to you.

There’s this article I can share with you:
Litige juridique entre Meta et la SIAE (available in English, French, Italian & German)

Meta (Facebook/Instagram…) blocked the catalog of SIAE and some other collective societies were affected. This is not an iMusician’s dispute as you can read. We’ll keep you updated ASAP. Some tracks are already back.

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