Music for a good cause

Hey, my name is Roger and I’m running a bit different music project, because my music is for charity. the philosophy behind ist, that music can make the world a better place and listener can donate money to a project for kids in need just by listening to my music. so everytime you stream or buy a song, you donate money to these children. for the listener it might be just 2-3 minutes of time, but for the supported kids, it really matters and mean the world.

I would love to invite you to support this idea or let me know, what you think about it and of course, if you like my sound.



cheers and all the best


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Hey Roger!

Thank you for sharing your project and what a wonderful idea of tying in charity work to your musical project :earth_africa:

We will be happy to share it around the community

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thank you very much. hope you like my sound