Music Promotion - What works for you? [MegaPost]

What the f…k, I know that Insta can be a bit weird but wow that sounds serious… Yeah support from Facebook is non-existent unless you’re spending around 50K (euro) per month, even then it is a bit sh*t.

Did they give you any reasons in the end or just no communication?

sidenote, I am gonna go turn off the language filter, sometimes swearing is necessary :rofl:

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Hey @Milla-Cristie and @A2D Good news.

If you want to do Beatport exclusive, you can upload on iMusician with Beatport only selected(plus allowed shops) AND we will (manually) give you a voucher code to do the second release for a $10 re-release fee (I was wrong with my information, apologies, we’re working on this at the moment and will try to get it down in price) with all other download shops.

Manual at the moment but progress at least… you’ll need to get hold of our Support team via “need help” on the app… we’re kinda working this out as we go so please bear with us if it doesn’t work amazingly easy at first.

@Maurizio is your man to thank for making this happen :wink:

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@Si_G they do not communicate at all (F@#$%). It is only because I crawled the net that I read that I’m not the only one. I assure you my promotion was politically correct & I own the rights of the images (I have created myself). Check on the web, you will see that happens a lot with IG they are the master and we are the … :expressionless: No more promoting on IG for me, the same tool business manager works for FB (meta) and messenger it is better but the real return is verrrrryyyy low :arrow_lower_right:

@Si_G iMusician are :yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart::broken_heart:

Thx for the voucher !

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100%, we pulled all of our Facebook ads last year. I’m used to being incredibly specific with targeting (used to work for a major performance marketing agency) and when they introduced their algo only ads it completely f%^ked the whole game. It takes about 10k of “learning” before the ads actually start performing and even then our campaigns were running with negative returns… trying to get a positive return on investment when looking at what music pays is just f(*king hard…

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Hey, @Si_G This is great, so just to clarify, when in delivery I would select the “Regular” Plan but only select Beatport as the only shop then the allowed services that beatport specify (I put their list below)
say spotify then this would qualify for a voucher?

This taken from Beatport website,
we ask that we are the only download store with the release. Streaming platforms are ok.

Amazon Music Streaming Services

Apple Music


Google Play Music



Vinyl Distribution

All streaming platforms that do not have a DJ integrations functionality

Soundcloud Premieres/Previews

@Milla-Cristie … I see you asked the question over here: Beatport Exclusive - #2 by Cayo, I’ll let @Cayo and @Maurizio update the information as it comes (we’re just working on this so please bear with) and we’ll get some concrete answers soon. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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@Si_G I suspected they stop my promo on IG because it is suddenly working with hits coming from various countries and their algo decides it is fake ! After accepting the $ :roll_eyes:

But if you check on my Spotify the abonnees come from all these countries. Currently, I do not understand what’s could going wrong with my IG publications ?

A2D_official (@a2dlive) • Photos et vidéos Instagram

As you said no communication from them too !

We are stronger because we loved the music :headphones: :muscle:

I’ve heard this before - I’d definitely recommend running separate campaigns in specific countries with specific language(s) set as I believe a “global” approach will instantly get the attraction of the “scammer radar”

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@Si_G very good shared advice :ok_hand:

Hi…everyone, I’ve done quite a bit of music and recording with various of our artists. Did a lot of arrangements for other artists and sold CDs. It was all localized just for our country because of the language. Now I have been making different soundtracks for different movies and occasions for quite some time. I am currently working on a feature film that will be released. I decided to promote my film music to the world this spring. The soundtrack usually has no language barrier so I want to get it out to as many people as possible. But somehow I can’t. I’ve never done social networking before. I’m trying to find someone - a good curator of Spotify playlists etc.
and somehow I can’t. It all looks pretty shady or I don’t know how to do it. Does anyone know of any working playlist curators? Does it work for you? I’m interested in playlists for film music. Thanks for the advice. Michal

Hey @NuArt

Agreed that it can be an absolute pain to find GENUINE and real playlist curators that aren’t gonna just try and take some money from you for some crappy playlist listened to by 400 bots… (yeah, maybe that’s a bit overkill but sometimes it sounds like all there is).

We have some things that can help (yes yes, self promotion). We created this guide about Spotify Playlists and we have this list of 10 Spotify Curators you can submit to for free (both featuring the brilliant video from @antonioayora. In the final bit of self-promotion, you can also submit to our own playlists but I don’t think we have one that will fit for you unfortunately.

Otherwise… yeah open to suggestions from everyone else?

Hi and thanks for the reply,
but there iMusician can create a playlist for soundrack and instrumental music.
Is this possible?

Hey @NuArt - It is possible yes, but it’s not something we’re going to do soon. It takes a lot of time (and money) for us to build up our playlist audiences - we could have a million playlists with zeros audience easily, but this isn’t gonna help anyone!

So - it is definitely something we would love to help out with but… to be worthwhile I’d say to check out the articles above (e.g. Spotify Curators)

hi Simon,
I’m Andi from the Andi & Meicheng Project, this thread is really interesting! so I wanted to contribute with our, small, expierience. First of all, we are promoting our first song in the hope that it will reach the people who really like it. We are not that much interested on revenues or concerts, we have to few songs ready and only one released yet. For what regards fb, we were aired by UK Independent after being rejected because we didn’t have a facebook presence where they could look for some details on us. So we built a FB page sent it to them and they aired us with a lot of compliments. Also IG helped us to find some people who liked our song. I’m not so sure if being in a playlist helped that much cause in the end most will keep you for one month like on place 345 where no one reaches you haha but you never know. So we can only say for now that a broad presence helpes us and we are still to small to consider focusing on one means alone.


Hello Simon, thank you for your marketing advices on iMusician. Creating a community is a very good idea because many artists feel alone when creating in a studio or at home. My music is EDM and as you said, Spotify is not the right platform to share my singles. I have few listeners on my Spotify for Artists page and most of my friends don’t listen to music at all. The most difficult thing to do when I release a new single is to specify the good kind of music : electro, or EDM, or Dance music or what else. Unfortunately, the AI of iMusician does not help us to well classify. Anyway, I will try to reach fans on Beatport but I will leave a link to my Spotify page for the iMusician community. Sincerely. Michel Corcilius (MCCM Artist)


Hey both,

Thanks for your patience on the response… we have a pretty huge update coming out… very very very soon NOW, which has kept us all busy!

@andi_zigon - Great first track here - have had a listen and genuinely love it! Also, the flute is amazing!

I agree that having a Facebook “presence” is something that could be valuable, however, I would still be very reticent to use Meta’s ad platform, but I’m interested to know how IG helped people find you (did you do ads or just people found you?

I agree that a broad presence can help perhaps in the beginning - it can help “find” what works for you, when I started at iMusician we were on a lot of channels but we’ve now cut down to just what works for us.

@MCCM_Corcilius happy to chat with you guys at any time! Most of the iMusician team are working from home still so we also welcome chatting with you all.

I’m intrigued as to what you mean by classification (especially the AI part…) are you talking about Instant Mastering or do you mean the Genre selection on Music Distribution?

I’I can’ seem to find your link or Spotify page?

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

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Hi Simon, I can’t wait to see the updaaaate :blush: Thanks a lot for your kind words!! for what regards IG, I’m not sure how it worked, but a blog was attracted by one of our posts, so no ads or things like that. maybe it was the hashtags or it was someone forwarding our post, but it was nice :slight_smile:
I maybe was sounding a little to negative on playlists on my former post, there were also some nice expiriences, this Spotify is for example a small playlist with few songs and lots of followers and our song fits perfectly with the whole playlist, I’d invite everyone to crosscheck :slight_smile: and here Spotify we were added from the top of the playlist (now more or less place 20 but it’s a bit of time ago)
so yeah entering a playlist can be really helpful too!
btw, we have submitted our song to some imusician playlists but we didn’t get a feedback yet, do your curaters normaly tell if a song was accepted or not for their playlists? might it be that something during submissions went wrong? or might it just be that it just takes more time? :blush: sorry for the maybe stupid questions, we are just not that expierienced yet, it’s our first song released :innocent:

Interesting points here!

Regarding our own playlists… We’re on it! We can be slow sometimes as it’s only out team here who manage it, and we don’t have any automated “you were selected” messages (yet). Definitely another thing we can work on.

Thanks for the links to those playlists, I’ll check them out and the update for digital distribution is LIVE NOW!

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yayyyy! can’t wait to release our next single with it!!! :smiley:

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