Music Promotion - What works for you? [MegaPost]

Hey both,

Thanks for your patience on the response… we have a pretty huge update coming out… very very very soon NOW, which has kept us all busy!

@andi_zigon - Great first track here - have had a listen and genuinely love it! Also, the flute is amazing!

I agree that having a Facebook “presence” is something that could be valuable, however, I would still be very reticent to use Meta’s ad platform, but I’m interested to know how IG helped people find you (did you do ads or just people found you?

I agree that a broad presence can help perhaps in the beginning - it can help “find” what works for you, when I started at iMusician we were on a lot of channels but we’ve now cut down to just what works for us.

@MCCM_Corcilius happy to chat with you guys at any time! Most of the iMusician team are working from home still so we also welcome chatting with you all.

I’m intrigued as to what you mean by classification (especially the AI part…) are you talking about Instant Mastering or do you mean the Genre selection on Music Distribution?

I’I can’ seem to find your link or Spotify page?

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

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Hi Simon, I can’t wait to see the updaaaate :blush: Thanks a lot for your kind words!! for what regards IG, I’m not sure how it worked, but a blog was attracted by one of our posts, so no ads or things like that. maybe it was the hashtags or it was someone forwarding our post, but it was nice :slight_smile:
I maybe was sounding a little to negative on playlists on my former post, there were also some nice expiriences, this Spotify is for example a small playlist with few songs and lots of followers and our song fits perfectly with the whole playlist, I’d invite everyone to crosscheck :slight_smile: and here Spotify we were added from the top of the playlist (now more or less place 20 but it’s a bit of time ago)
so yeah entering a playlist can be really helpful too!
btw, we have submitted our song to some imusician playlists but we didn’t get a feedback yet, do your curaters normaly tell if a song was accepted or not for their playlists? might it be that something during submissions went wrong? or might it just be that it just takes more time? :blush: sorry for the maybe stupid questions, we are just not that expierienced yet, it’s our first song released :innocent:

Interesting points here!

Regarding our own playlists… We’re on it! We can be slow sometimes as it’s only out team here who manage it, and we don’t have any automated “you were selected” messages (yet). Definitely another thing we can work on.

Thanks for the links to those playlists, I’ll check them out and the update for digital distribution is LIVE NOW!

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yayyyy! can’t wait to release our next single with it!!! :smiley:

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We’ll also be doing some research with users as they upload to make more improvements, I’ll let @Susann know if you’re interested in participating?

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would be great! but we are not yet ready for release :grimacing: but if that offer will still be up when we will, we’d love tooo :innocent:

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Excellent conseil à suivre surtout pour accroître son audience en ce qui concerne @LIIX1 .

Nous faisons principalement de l’Afrobeat et aimeront avoir de bonnes directions afin de se faire écouter de plus en plus. Merci d’étudier notre cas si vous avez un peu de temps pour nous :relieved::pray:t5:

LIIX cordialement.

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So regarding Music Promotion, at least in my field (film, games and television soundtracks) the most important aspect is real life networking. Of course it helps having a fan-base and views on your music but most important are the real life connections with producers/developers/directors. If a film you’re working on is successful, your OST will be successful. Just look at Zimmer.

Additionally, regarding your questions @NuArt , I’d speak with the director to help promote your soundtrack together with the movie. And if you have the possibility, speak with some of the actors, maybe they’ll help you promote the music.

So answering @Si_G 's questions, as a film music composer i’m

  1. Focused on growing my professional social circle (mingling with music composers, sound designers, directors, developers and producers)
  2. Trying to narrow down my social media content to be as clear as it can be. and focused to my target audience.
  3. Biggest challenge is finding music composing gigs that match my composing style.


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@zirnoise - Definitely a super interesting Topic regarding your specific “genre” / field.

When you “reach out” (apologies, Americanism :laughing: ) to actors do you do so in real life or also ask them to promote on social media?

Also - what works for you in terms of “real life networking”… are there specific events or is it more just “old skool” getting to lunch / dinner with people?

So with actors, I try to make them interested in the music i write for the movie. I tell them if the character they play has a personal musical theme and stuff like that. All it’s done face to face at film premieres. I think this kind of topic doesn’t really work in online.

Regarding the real life networking, in my country, the film industry is relatively small, so i still have all the connections i made in film school. Also there are many organic occasions, maybe a meet-up at someones studio, maybe a cinema test with a movie, maybe a film fest, stuff like that.

Most of my networking this year was done at Gopo Awards tho. These awards are my country’s take on the Oscars. I had the chance to win this years Best Sound Award and this opened a lot of doors and formed a lot of new connections in the industry.


Holy FFFF… Amazing work there!

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Thanks :pray:, it was fun working on that movie (Here’s the trailer). I had to make a lot of animal foley sounds.

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@zirnoise amazing! the animal sounds are really convincing!!! :smiley: I also like the music a lot, what is it?

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So the music was composed by a guy who also won at the best music category.

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@zirnoise, I will have to shazam it!!! definitely :smiley:

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