AI Scanning for picking a genre

Hi Simon, thank you for your kind message. AI means Artificial Intelligence which is used by many platforms and even iMusician to master the songs.
Before proposing our new single to Spotify, Deezer or Applemusic, iMusician should make a quick scan of the single to help the artist classifying its song. That could help us to know what is the right style of music of our single and then tick the right box at Spotify to have more chance to reach the good fans. What do you think about that Simon ? sincerely Michel (MCCM)
Sorry, I forgot the link to my spotify page : Spotify

Hey @MCCM_Corcilius - I thought it was Instant Mastering you were talking about and there is indeed AI behind that.

As for detecting genre when uploading music - it is something to consider! thanks for the suggestion.

For now though I have messaged our team internally with your Spotify profile and we’ll all pitch in to see if we can get some genre suggestions for you!

Fine Simon, thank you very much.
Happy to know I could make things go foreward, thank you for this forum, very useful !